These training rollers from Busse have a single handle and are narrow enough that you can sit behind it whilst being lunged.

  • Safe lungeing of children or adults for ideal bareback contact
  • Girth made of canvas, 10 cm high leather covered, steady handle over withers
  • Girthing on either side with roller-buckles
  • 6 rings to take training aids
  • 2 square rings will take stirrups if wanted

Sizes: Mini-Shetland (circumference 95 – 140 cm – width 75mm)

Shetland (circumference: 115 – 160 cm – width 75mm)

Pony (circumference:130 – 195 cm – width 75mm)

Full (circumference: 165 – 235 cm – width 110mm)

We currently have a small number of Pony in Navy & Sky Blue or Full in Black & Tan.  

Other sizes can be ordered on request – please send us an email.