A unique feature of the second, much-improved version of The Art of Training — A Handbook for the Novice Horse Rider is that it includes many of the problems that people the world over have with their riding, as well as their corrections.

It is truly a manual for novice horse riders, no matter the discipline.

Author Notes: Bert Hartog is a teacher through and through. He ran equestrian centres for more than thirty years with his wife Marion.

During this time Bert developed his unique teaching style, which could be understood by even the most inexperienced rider.  The principle is that horse logic rarely follows human logic and riders need to understand the psyche of the horse and develop effective communication through the aids.  His explanations provided solid grounding for future development by reinforcing the basics in plain english.

His training philosophy was initially captured in a number of articles published in The Horse Magazine and later in Hoofbeats Magazine, both premier Australian Horse publications and voted the most popular articles for many years running.  The first edition of The Art of Training was published in 1991.

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