Plughz equine ear plugs reduce distracting loud noises and naturally aids in keeping your horse calm and focused.

Plughz, are a very lightweight non toxic foam ear plug for your equine  partner.

They have a slightly textured finish for slip resistance that is non irritating or ticklish like the sheepskin and acrylic ear plugs. 

This new style of ear plug is more dense-offering a better sound  deadening quality and the foam easily shapes to the ear.

The combination of the foam density and spherical shape works to prevent the ear plugs from being shaken loose by your horse.

Great for competitions, trail riding, traveling, clipping or any time you want a quiet, relaxed, less tense horse. 

Horse ear plugs are recommended for most competitive events to help your horse remain focused, where permitted, and especially recommended for ride and shoot activities to prevent hearing damage due to muzzle blasts.