The Market Harborough, also called the German Martingale consist of a leather martingale with extra long forked straps which pass through the bit and back to rings attached to the reins, thus preventing the horse throwing his head above the point of control.

The market Harborough is a very useful training aid for horses that struggle to work ‘on the bit’.

Unlike draw reins, if correctly adjusted the market Harborough should not encourage the horse to come behind the bit as once a steady contact is achieved the market Harborough becomes loose and releases any pressure it may exert when the head carriage is higher than desired.

The Market Harborough is useful for horses that have a high head carriage and can help in the rebuilding of top line especially at trot and canter.  The Market Harborough should only be used with a snaffle bit and is not competition legal.

This Market Harborough is made by HY Equestrian in Lincoln UK and includes continental web reins.

• Web reins
• Buckle fastening and trigger clip attachments
• Three D rings on the rein
• Applies subtle pressure on the poll and mouth to discourage the horse from throwing their head






Hy Market Harborough.png