This 3D Air Effect Lunge Roller Pad from Busse is the perfect complement to any of our in-stock rollers.  Stylish, lightweight and practical we believe it will become your “go to” pad.


  • optimally cushioning lunge pad made of highly functional, innovative 3D AIR® EFFECT mesh material
  • for perfect positioning of training rollers
  • made of three-dimensional synthetic mesh fibres to ensure ideal pressure distribution, form stability and excellent air-conditioning properties and second-to-second dry effect
  • coat proven mesh top for maximum comfort and anti-slip positioning for both clipped and non-clipped horses in all weather
  • no additional attachment at training roller required
  • machine washable up to 30°C or hose off in wash stall, extremely easy-care

SIZE: 110cm x22cm  Black or Grey

BREATHABLE:  Material lets overheated air and small steam molecules escape for maximum climate comfort.

MOISTURE TRANSFER:  Sweat and condensation are channelled from the inside out for a pleasantly dry feeling on the skin.


The name already reveals a lot: Both the 3D AIR® EFFECT material and the 3D AIR® DRY material are made of a special 3D polyester fabric.  In this case, the smallest stable synthetic fibers (filaments) keep the top and bottom of the fabric at a certain distance from each other. That is why it is also referred to as a spacer fabric.  This special material structure enables excellent air-circulating properties. The material itself does not absorb any water and it dries in a very short time. The skin-tested fabric cover (surface facing the horse) offers maximum comfort and non-slip positioning for both clipped and unclipped horses in all weather conditions and temperatures. The material is also characterized by its durability and ease of care.