Work from the ground allows the handler to observe and correct the horses way of going without the encumbrance of a rider, enabling the horse to find his own balance and rhythm and become more supple. This comprehensive video includes valuable advice on: – training of the long reiner – position on the circle, changing the rein and whip handling – equipment – types of reins and attachments, and whips – what to expect from horses being long reined for the first time – further schooling – including long reining the driving horse, and work from behind – lungeing over poles – progressing to jumping a single fence and a spread – correction and re-schooling of difficult horses – collection in double reins – developing piaffe and passage. 

Here some notes about the content: 

– Using of long reins 

– equipment 

– first lungeing 

– working of exercises 

– training over cavalettis 

– jumping at long reins 

– tips regarding schooling of driving horses 

– working and correcting vices of horses 

– showing collection etc. 

An absolutely necessary schooling film for everybody who wants to support the education of his horse in double lungeing reins. 

Wilfried Gehrmann was Director of the Rhineland Riding and Driving School in Germany and a leading exponent of the art of long reining in schooling horses for dressage, driving and show jumping. Take a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on Wilfried Gehrmann’s Long Reining DVD.

Produced by Pferdia TV

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