The Leovet Bio-Skin Oil contains a number of natural active ingredients to help strengthen and maintain healthy skin and coats in horses. Providing a long lasting positive effect on the skin and hair. The organic sulphurous fluid reduces itching and relieves the tendency to scratch.

The natural ingredients regenerate and restore damaged skin and stimulate hair growth on bald spots. Soothes bothersome itching.

Also an excellent product for use on old wounds to help stimulate regrowth of hair.

500ml bottle.

These active plant ingredients are included:


Bio-sulphur fluid: Sulphur is used to reduce itching and the
inclination to scratch, for example, and is known for its positive and regenerating effect on the skin.


Calendula oil: Increases resilience of sensitive, inflamed skin and supports skin regeneration. Promotes circulation and therefore increases hoof growth.


St. John’s wort oil: Soothes irritation and is particularly effect
for dry and cracked skin. Ideal for nourishing sensitive skin,
for example in the case of sweet itch.


Carrot oil: Characterised by its particularly high content of vitamin A and provitamin A. Suitable for nourishing dry and cracked skin as it makes the skin soft and supple and is
extremely moisturising.


Sunflower oil: Has a soothing effect and is moisturising.
Also reinforces the natural protective barrier. Hooves are nourished, skin is moisturised and leather remains supple.

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