• Soft leather cavesson with a leather noseband (no iron inlay) for individual work on the longe/lead rein.
  • Padded in all the right places.
  • With one ring in centre and two extra big rings on the sides, which are also easy to replace.
  • Includes two additional straps, which can individually be fastened in height via Chicago screws in order to attach a snaffle.
  • Fully adjustable: nose circumference, cheek pieces and throat lash adjustable at both sides and an extra jowl-strap adjustable at left side.
  • All buckles padded with leather to protect the horse and equipped with rollers to protect the leather.
  • Made of solid and finest quality leather.

Full/Cob or Pony sizes.  From Busse of Germany.  

Note:  Further new stock, including pony size will be here some time in October 2022