Hydrophane Protocon Ointment

Quite possibly one of the best treatments for mud fever and greasy heel that we have come across over the years.  Time and again we find ourselves coming back to this wonder ointment so we are pleased to finally add it to our stock list.

Ideal for wet, muddy conditions.

A soothing and disinfecting skin and heel ointment, Protocon creates a water-resistant barrier to protect against the bacteria found in wet and muddy conditions.  Clean the legs and heels thoroughly then apply Protocon Ointment liberally to produce a soothing, disinfecting barrier to help protect against chapping by mud and wet ground.

Forming a highly water resistant and durable physical barrier, Hydrophane Protocon Ointment is blended with soothing botanicals that are as gentle as they are powerful. Perfectly suited to long, dirty and muddy days. Suitable for use on heels and legs

Protocon can be used in lactating and pregnant mares.  A pleasant aqueous gel, this product contains 10% w/w precipitated Sulphur BP and Salicylic Acid BP.

500g Pot

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