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Hushbrush®  is an integrated spray brush that makes for safer grooming,  Two jobs, one hand!!

Horse spook with bottle sprays? Not with the Hushbrush® !

Being able to hold the horse or pony whilst carrying out basic care is important to minimise the risk of incidents. The new Hushbrush® enables the handler to both spray eg Fly spray on to the coat without the risk of ‘spooking’ and then brushing that product in simultaneously with just one hand.

• Clean, Shine and Protect

• Reduce Wastage

• Two jobs with one hand!

• Ideal for Fly spray*, De-tangler, Show etc.

Use the front spray by pressing quick, short bursts on the button for targeted areas. The underside dual spray gets right into the coat of the horse or for use on the mane and tail.

The Hushbrush® has been designed to hold liquids such as: flyspray and mane / tail de-tangler and other low viscosity liquids. We recommend water based, natural fly repellants. One of the biggest challenges as a horse owner is the responsibility for caring for them.

There are so many flysprays on the market, however we don’t recommend using fly spray in the Hushbrush® which contain high percentage of DEET, gels or oily washing liquids.

The Hushbrush® should be cleaned immediately after use. Essential oils should be diluted and not used on their own. Also, do not leave liquids in the Hushbrush® overnight as this could cause the internal valves and spray mechanisms to clog.

When possible, a quick flush through with water after each use will help maintain your Hushbrush® for long term use.

NOTE!  We only have a small number of these brushes in stock but can order more if there is a demand.

NOTE 2:  We have found from personal use that washing out the unit prior to first use helps to clear the valves.  We had to use warm water and bit of pumping to get the sprays to work efficiently the first time but after that first use the units we have trialled have all been fine provided they are washed out after having product in.

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