The chief desire of the author a former pupil of Egon von Neindorff Nuno Oliveira and Hans Reigler is to rehabilitate horses who have been disadvantaged mentally or physically by inadequate or inappropriate handling. Here he explains why riding and training rooted in the classical tradition is the only sure way to prevent such problems developing and how if they are inherited from previous handlers it can remedy serious and ingrained traumas. An inspiring book for anyone interested in helping a damaged horse.

Author Notes: Harry has worked at various establishments in England, Wales, Ireland, the USA and Israel, training horses, teaching riders and giving lecture/demonstrations at which he emphasises classical principles and their role in the rehabilitation of damaged horses.
Further Title Description:¬†Healing Horses the Classical Way will be of great value to those involved in remedial training. It also highlights the dangers inherent in ‘quick-fixes’ and provides valuable guidance for all who wish to train their horses along correct, progressive lines.

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