Hangbahn is a German term that means “sloped arena”. Hangbahn Training is a gentle but very effective supplement to normal training or reschooling of ridden horses of all age groups. Systematic movement on sloping ground removes tension and improves suppleness and balance naturally. It also develops correct musculature and overall condition, as well as offering opportunities to introduce horses to the sights, sounds, and distractions beyond the arena.

This DVD offers an ideal training system outside of the arena, on landscape that challenges both horse and rider and helps them to excel in any riding discipline. Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner explains how to correctly ride on uneven terrain while maintaining proper balance, carriage, and seat. The DVD is supplemented with von Ziegners own comments.

“True harmony between rider and horse that determines the ‘expression’ and hence the ‘impression’ of a performance can therefore only exist when the rider can harmonize his aids so finely with the horse’s movements that they have a truly aiding, not interfering effect.”
– Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner

Run time: 45 minutes

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