Working Equitation, the new, competitive discipline developed from the style of working riders from Southern European countries, such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal at the end of the 1990s, has its roots in the work of herdsmen out in the fields. Competitions are divided into four different phases: dressage, ease of handling, speed and cattle penning. At top, Masterclass level, horse and rider must perform all Grand Prix movements with one hand, in a plain curb bit with a light contact. Taking different horses as examples, you will see the various requirements placed on horse and rider that run through all levels of performance. All phases are based on classical dressage, as Pedro Torres explains impressively and thoroughly on this DVD.

Pedro Torres also sensitively introduces an inexperienced horse to its first obstacles on a Working Equitation trail and shows you how to familiarise your horse with strange objects. In a session with his highly successful instructors, Vasco Godinho and Bruno Pica, the experienced trainer explains how to optimise your trail training with effective exercises that are suitable for everyday use. Learn how to correctly ride trail obstacles such as gate, side pass, single and parallel pole slalom, two and three-barrel obstacles, ring jousting with pampilho, corridor with bell and bridge. The best way to prepare your horse for a competition.

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