• Double longeing reins
  • made of very soft, skin-friendly polyester-mix
  • swivel hooks
  • 3 m round nylon-string at the ends with four pulleys
  • total length: 18 m (divisible in the middle)

From Busse of Germany.  Heavy-duty, well made rein constructed of very soft webbing with cord at each end to facilitate free-running through rings etc, leather covering at joins and at trigger swivel clips on each end.  

Sometimes called Longe Draw Reins they can be used in various positions thanks to the addition of the 4 guide rollers.

Excellent for all types of work on the double longe, including developing the paces.

Work on the double longe is immensely beneficial for the horse, it allows you to work on suppleness, straightness, engagement and contact, plus all of the lateral exercises, to achieve those aims which cannot be carried out on a single longe rein.


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