The Anatomix Cavesson is the perfect leather bridle with the correct cavesson iron for in-hand work and for leading or lunging horses.

  • with an anatomically shaped and softly padded poll piece
  • including an additional, length-adjustable bit strap for working with a bit without interfering the lunging aids, ideal e.g. for gently getting young horses used to the bit or for attaching training aids
  • bit strap can be completely detached when not in use
  • made of sturdy and at the same time supple bridle leather
  • all buckles lined with leather and a stable and an effectively padded cavesson iron for more comfort
  • pro nature: made of predominantly vegetable tanned leather
  • fully adjustable on both sides for different head sizes and shapes
  • three-piece cavesson iron with a fixed center section for safe action without cranking or shearing forces
  • with three rings for individual use and influence
  • individually height-adjustable jowl-strap to keep the bridle safely out of the eye area without having to over-buckle the entire bridle for an optimal fit

Brown or Black.

Full Size only.