• High quality modern bridle with Soft Touch headpiece
  • Pro nature: made of predominantly vegetable tanned leather
  • Classic flash noseband, browband and noseband softly padded, braided design
  • Poll-strap of the noseband runs on top of the headpiece for perfect distribution of pressure
  • Completely detachable flash-loop: bridle can be used without flash-strap if horse does not need flash-strap or bridle is used with weymouth-bit or for in-hand-bridle showing
  • Web-reins with leather stops in short distances for perfect grip

Soft Touch Headpiece benefits:

  • Protection of the sensitive neck through an improved distribution of pressure.
  • Calmer positioning of the bit in the horse’s mouth for a bet- ter accepting of the bit. Thus, the link of the reins between the mouth (bit) and the rider‘s hands as well as increasinglyfine rein aids through the rider.

From Busse of Germany.