Braiding Techniques is the complete resource DVD for those wishing to learn to braid.

Many breeds of horses are shown with braided manes and tails, in hunter and dressage classes. A well-bred horse’s classic lines are only made more beautiful with a neatly braided mane and tail which also serve to refine a more coarsely conformed horse.

After showing you the equipment you’ll need and how to properly pull your horse’s mane to prepare it for braiding, Braiding Techniques teaches you how to braid in the classic style, with buttons, scallops or taped for dressage. The different methods for securing these braids is detailed: yarn, rubber bands, or thread. Tail braiding is also focused upon with the two different styles of braiding, “inside,” or “outside,” as well as the ways to finish the braid.

Long mane styles are highlighted with the French braid and Continental. Information is also given on how to encourage tail hair growth and impart a fuller appearance to long tails.

Learn all the styles of braiding short & long manes as well as tail braiding. Includes tips on mane pulling & keeping tails long & full. Get professional results immediately!

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