Bit Butter  The best kept secret this side of the Atlantic.

* Moisturises & heals the mouth * Restores feeling & comfort * Encourages acceptance of the bit

This special formulation from America provides soothing care to the mouth. Bit Butter replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse’s mouth. Enriched with a “mouth softening complex” that includes Mango & Shea Butter, Peppermint & Soybean Oil, Vitamin E, Bees Wax & Jojoba. It encourages acceptance and improves focus on the bit – also avoid rubbing of the mouth and helps heal where skin is already broken.

Tip: Apply freely to corners of the mouth and along underside of the bit before every ride.

Precaution: Always test product on small area prior to first use.

“We use it on all our horses so they don’t get sore in the first place and their lips remain soft and sensitive.  They seem to expect it now.  Also, it smells divine.”  Sue F. Yorkshire

“Wow what an ace product. I couldn’t believe that something so small could make such a big difference. My trainer thinks it’s my improved riding….I can’t bring myself to tell her!” Ali W, Cambs

“My horse was getting a rub between his flash noseband and his bit. I was really pleased with the results of Bit Butter. The rub never came back and my horse actually seemed to accept the bit better. I’ll start using it more often now. It also smells really good – my horse tries to eat it every time I use it.” Heidi P, Ohio

“I’ve been riding a horse that has always been known for having a hard mouth. I was in search of a solution to this problem as he has a lot of talent. I came across Bit Butter and thought it was definitely worth a shot! I’ve been using it for  little under a month and have already seen a big difference! He’s more responsive and easier in the hand. I’ve even changed to a less severe bit.” Patrice M, New Jersey


Peppermint Leaf Oil
Mango Fruit Butter
Cocoa Seed Butter
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
Soybean Oil

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