This Cavesson is in the French/Academic style with a chain link nosepiece covered in soft leather.  The 3 rings placed on the noseband allow for lungeing, In-hand work or riding with reins attached.   Used extensively by students of Bent Branderup, and followers of the Academic Art.

Made by Markus Holst of Sweden.

The cavesson should be able to be lifted 1-2 cm from the bridge of the nose. It should not be too tight.  The below sizes are approximate and for guidance.

NOTE:  We are having supply issues with this item so stock levels are low.  We are trying to secure more stock but cannot guarantee supply.  If your size is shown out of stock please email us for updates.


Head piece 95 cm
Throatlatch 55 cm
Nose band 55 cm

Head piece 100cm
Throatlatch 68cm
Nose band 70cm

Head piece 113cm
Throatlatch 75cm
Nose band 80cm