Designed and made by Markus Holst of Sweden, based on traditional bits.

The lower shank of the Academic curb bit is long and curved backwards.

The upper shank is bent outwards to minimize the risk of the cheek of the horse getting pinched between the bit and the teeth.

Can be used alone as a curb bit with one rein, with two reins as a pelham or together with a bridoon as a double bridle.

The Academic bit is available in black steel, stainless steel and brass, with mix and match bosette and mouthpiece metal combinations.  We keep a very limited stock of these bits – please go through options to see what is currently available.

Other combinations of shanks, mouthpiece and bosette can be ordered but are subject to Markus being able to source the parts, he is having supply issues so please email your requirements and we will make enquiries.

Comes with standard curb chain.